hot keys?

Is there a way to set key board keys to specific tasks? I wish my key board
had "delete" and "enter" on the far left side of the key board the same way
I use "Esc" and "Ctl" instead of reaching over to the right side of the key
board as I use those keys frequently and operate the mouse with my right
hand. I've looked at all of the options in SW key board options and didn't
find anything. While I'm asking, is there a key board that has the number
pad on the left side? That would make ergonomic sense.
Thanks in advance
Rob H.
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"Delete" and "Enter" on the right is exactly what I wanted too. I didn't search too much for a special keyboard but I did solve the problem by getting a 5 button mouse and programming the two extra keys.
Great for other applications too and you can have different settings for each application if you want.
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I did some design work on a special keyboard for a company called KeyPoint Technologies
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. You'll find some renderings of a three segment keyboard on their site (and one pic on my own site). One of the three segments is the keypad segment, and the other two basically split the normal QWERTY keys down the middle and with some extra keys that can be programmed. The keypad could easily be placed on the left side. I'm not sure whether the thing is in production yet . . . I think not. But you can check it out. It looked good for people with special needs. I'm so used to regular QWERTY however that anything else would slow me down.
Mark 'Sporky' Stapleton WaterMark Design, LLC
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Hi I wanted to swop keys too (cola sticky keys on a laptop ;-)
Found a GR8 program called KeyTweak
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works seamlessly !
I then just swopped over the keys - ended up with delete in a better position too !
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Mark Sanders
You can pick up a USB 10 key pad pretty cheap. I've got one from Targus. They are made for laptops, but work fine as an extra 10key with a standard keyboard. No drivers, no software, no hassles.
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