Navigate in configuration tree with keys

Can I navigate in the config tree with the keyboard?
Like select a configuration and show it? go to the next and show that etc.
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Not that I know of as the graphics area grabs the arrow keystrokes. However, I wrote a macro that traverses all the configs and displays them in a zoomed-to-fit isometric view. As long as you keep clicking Ok, it continues to loop through them. Let me know if you would like it.
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Wayne Tiffany
Not without a macro. However there is one at
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that works great. It is called "ConfigManager". I have it mapped to a macro button. Just click it and it pops up a small window. Single click any of the listed configs and it instantly changes to that config. From there you can use the arrow buttons to navigate between configs.
As a bonus, you have the option of auto-zooming from config to config. It is really a great macro that I use all of the time.
The only thing I don't like about it is that while it is open, you do not have access to the SW program at all. It could probably be changed but I am not one of the macro gurus like some of the other people here in this newsgroup.
Hope this helps...
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Seth Renigar

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