Print part of a drawing?

Is it possible to print only part of a drawing (e.g. print "current screen view") rather than the whole thing? I know there are workarounds, such as doing a screen capture, but that gives "blocky" results.

TIA John H

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John H
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In the print dialog area under r"ange", check"selection" & a print box will show on drawing, move where needed.


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Michael Eckstein

To expand a bit on that answer, I have found that it works the best if you have your drawing maximized before clicking the selection box as the movable box appears in the lower left corner. You then set a custom scale for it (or whatever) to make it the size you wish to print. Change scale, move the box, change scale, move the box, etc. until a golden brown and the meat falls from the bone. Oh, wait, wrong process - I got caught up in the moment. :-)


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Thanks for the tip - couldn't work out at first why no selection box appeared on screen, until I realised you have to zoom out to see it!

Thanks, John H

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John H

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