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I just got and read the waiver for the "Indy" car racing event and found it
to be pretty interesting. If I want to go racing, I can't have had any
alcohol within the previous 72 hours. (I believe that commercial pilots are
supposed to refrain from drinking for only 24 hours before a flight.) Even
worse for many of us, we can't be "taking or under the influence of any
prescription or nonprescription medication of any kind". Those two
restrictions have got to radically cut down the number of people who can
participate, at least without being dishonest. Of course, we also have to
assume full responsibility for any risks, whether caused by the negligence
of Mario Andretti Racing or SolidWorks Corporation or not.
Jerry Steiger
Tripod Data Systems
"take the garbage out, dear"
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You forgot the mind altering drugs.
This would be a big change from last time when some folks had shots stacked 3 ft high.
Jerry Steiger wrote:
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Yeah, I only noted the stuff that I found really outrageous.
Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems "take the garbage out, dear"
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Jerry Steiger
When I first read about this event, I thought it had to be some sort of virtual reality thing. Now with this waiver, it seems to be the real deal. How are they going to have enough time for everyone to participate. The last SW World I went to had a couple of hundred people attending the event. Granted, not everyone will participate (especially the alcoholics) but it still doesnt seem like enough time.
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