Decals for ho E33 Conrail loco

Dear Friends, I'm reworking my Conrail E33 ho loco and, after repainting job, i need new decals. Can help me to find correct decals for this loco? Thank You in advance, Mauro fron Italy

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On 1/30/2010 10:44 AM Mauro spake thus:

Did you try searching the Microscale site?

formatting link
gets you there; use the search fields at the top of the page.

I did a search and found a lot of decals for Conrail, but none for an E33; is that an electric loco? You might want to try this and look through some of the search results to see if anything matches what you need.

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David Nebenzahl

Start out by finding all of the makers of decals for Conrail locos as well as freight cars. Odds are that some part of a particular decal will at least look right on the loco. i'll note that most of lettering on locos is done with large masks and they don't llike doing different masks for different classes of locos.

-- Bob May

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