N scale VO1000 decoder

Am I correct in understanding that the PnP decoder from TCS for the N scale
Atlas VO1000 does NOT have lighting attached to the decoder board? Am I to
be soldering to the decoder? Kind of shoots the whole plug n play thing, no?
Please advise if you are able.
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R-n-L Forster
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Thanx for the link Jon, but I have seen these photos and am unclear as to the inclusion or lack thereof concerning the mention of 'sunny white surface mount leds'.
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R-n-L Forster
Look on the far left side of the decoder. The yellow thingie is a smd led. I suspect the one for the cab light is mounted under the board where it sticks under the cab. In addition, the description says:"Comes with sunny white surface mount LED'S for realistic front and rear lights."
Its a pretty good bet that the lights are as pnp as the rest of the decoder.
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