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Im setting my layout around the Washington/Oregon area because I like the

>scenery. The problem is that my favourite road is Norfolk Southern, and I >dont think that they go anywhere near that region of the country. Is that >true? My free-lance road would connect to somewhere real but I dont know how >to go about intergrating the NS with it :( >Is there a sneaky way of doing this, or should I just give up and go another >road that does go through that area. >Any help would be lovely.

You are likely to see the locomotives and rolling stock of ANY railroad in this country anywhere there's nothing that says you can't model your area and put some NS equipment in there.

But you just said it is a "free-lance" there's nothing at all wrong with modelling the area you live in but running the equipment of another railroad on it.

But just for the record...the area you live in would be BNSF and UP territory, but I work for the NS here in the Atlanta, GA area, and we have tons of BNSF and UP locomotives on our route all the time. In fact, there is a rumour going around that BNSF is looking at merging or buying the NS, but I don't know if there's any truth to that. I always joke that if they do, they won't have to add anything but a B and a F to the locomotives, because the NS part of the BNSF is already there!

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what is a PB?

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He could always throw in NS's Saluda Mountain into his railroad if he wanted to model what I believe is the steepest grade in the country. Or it may be the longest continuous grade...I forget which.

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Just as long as they don't repaint everything with those gaudy BNSF color schemes. I can't stand to look at all those ugly color combinations. The black and white schemes are much more comfortable, more like the PRR colors I grew up with.

Bob McConnell N2SPP

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Bob McConnell

Here's proof that NS power can be found in Washington State.

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On Wed, 1 Oct 2003 09:51:51 +1200, "Shay" shared this with the world:

If you are free-lancing, then you have the option to re-write history, if you want.

Who is to say that NS didn't have a merger with BN, or GN at some point in time?

It's your railroad, and since you are going to be taking on the role of some sort of deity at some point ("...and on the 4th day he created mountains, rivers and the great plywood prairie"), you might as well tinker with history while you are at it.


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