Retirement of Joseph Duddington

I just came across this newsreel from 1944, when Joe Duddington, who
drove Mallard to the speed record, was filmed taking her for his last
shift. It's an extraordinary sight, the great engine in wartime gloom
and the tiny number of people seeing him off.
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For overseas readers, here is the engine as she stands today:
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Note that he was 67 years of age ,as retirement for the state pension is intended to be altered to an older age than at present it does look if we are returning to those days a bit. Many differences now of course with improved living stds and health meaning people are fitter to an older age. Not all though and there are still plenty of people doing heavy manual jobs that willl struggle. Those blokes that keep digging up high streets for a start. Can't always use machinery near a leaking gas main. What was the normal retirement for a top link driver back then and could the almost penniless LNER pay a reasonable pension? And did Driver Duddington retire because he was physically worn out/ unable to pass a medical ? As it was wartime I would have thought he would be needed even if he came off the top link and returned to easier duties. I suspect his happy retirement was fairly short.
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