Shipment delivered a week late but still welcome!

Little Eddy P. , 7 lb 13 oz, with a thirsty boiler and a looooud
Transit and switching handled by my dear wife. I don't recall if she
AAR hand signals, but there was definitely some vocal ordering.
Children are the best gift ever, aren't they?
Cordially yours:
Gerard P.
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Congratulations to you and yours!
fl@liner Where's my seegar?
This tagline has been certified to contain no political rants.
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations! Betcha can't wait to introduce him to model railroading. Both of you will have years of fun together.
Bill Bill's Railroad Empire
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Congratulations to you and your wife on the new child Gerard! Children are a great thrill... as are grand & great grand children - which we acquired three of in the last year.
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