temporary train platform?

Hi everyone,
I have two trains to display yearly along with a Christmas tree in the
middle, so the display is temporary. What's a good method to have a
platform laying on the floor to hold the Christmas tree and the two trains?
The problem is that the platform needs to fit in my car on the way home from
the hardware store, and it should also simplify bringing the pieces up &
down the stairs for display at Christmas and storage the rest of the year.
I've thought of using a 1/4" sheet of 4'x8' plywood and cutting it into 3
sections so that it fits in my car on the way home. Then I'd use hinges or
brackets to hold the 3 sections together to form one big 4'x8' platform.
That would allow each of the 3 pieces to be brought downstairs separately.
Right now I'm just going to paint the platform green and directly mount the
track to it. I'll worry about more realistic scenery down the road.
thanks for the help!
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Might I suggest you pick up an old dining table, you know the 60's vintage arborite/formica things with metal legs, and remove the legs. You now have a sectional platform ready made, and it seprates for moving, but the slide rails ensure alignment. a leaf or two in the middle would give you the size you need.
John H.
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