train hits Pluto in Orlando

Hey Bob,

Now I see that Pluto's foot got caught in a ride at Disney World and wiped the dude out in the costume, after 8 yrs working for the mouse some `Jose dressed as Pluto bit the big one, just shows when your time is up its up. I bet the last thing that guy thought of as he put the Pluto Head on was that he was going to get crushed and ripped to shreds by a ride at Disney as he made the rounds acting like a Pluto dope dawg greeting tourist in a few hours. I bet his biggest bitch was how damn hot & stupid the costume was and wished he could get a promotion to Winnie the Pooh Bear or the hind end of the tigger, but time waits for no one.

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Michael Hunt
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He was neither hit by a train or a ripped to shreds by a ride. It was a parade float that got him.


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