Anyone going to chalkpits museum? Looks like being a nice weekend and havn't been for ages so thought we might give it a go.

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Nick H
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Not me, I'm off Saxon house building this weekend.

Have a pleasant weekend gentlemen, the weather forecast is excellent ;o))


Kim Siddorn,

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J K Siddorn

A grand day out!

Engines aside, I'd forgotten what a good museum Amberley is, I don't know when the telecomms building was added but it takes you from Alexander Graham Bell to mobile phones in fine style.

Back to the engines - an excellent display, numbering 86 in the program, with Gardner as the featured marque. many wonderful things but highlight for me probably Uniporn H15 restored from rusting hulk in a field.

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Nick H

Didn't see you there Nick, but it was extremley well attended.

Yes, it was a bit of a brute, and it was putting out more Petterspots than a Petter :-( A fine oily drizzle was raining down in the immediate vicinity.


Philip T-E

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Philip THornton-Evison

Saw you from afar (can't miss the hat) and admired the Fowler.

Chap with Uniporn said new rings were still bedding in. If they were that bad I'm surprised it was so easy to start. Surprised to see that the company made its own injection pump, apparently a comparitively simple affair driven by a conical cam moved axially by the governor to vary stroke.

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Nick H

I was there too and was pleased to see an engine that I had never seen before - the Uniporn - definitely going with purpose.

The Gardner 1L2 lab engine was running like a dream and a close second to the Uniporn in terms of diesel interest.

I was pleased to bump into Geoff Challinor having a well earned day out and looking relaxed amongst friendly faces. Philip as usual was generally in a huddle jaw going fifty to the dozen :-). Ken Hickman as usual relieved me of more money that I'd intended to part with for a few choice parts.

Glad the weather was warm for once - usually it feels 5 degrees colder inside the chalk pit than it feels in the outside world.

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"john. ambler" wrote (snip):-

Ken Hickman, yes, that was the name I was trying to remember for EC Bradford parts that Martin P was after!

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Nick H

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