About to start a layout

I've just finished boarding and panelling my loft, which gives me a lovely
big clean space to build that layout I've always promised myself.
I was born in Welwyn Garden City and I remember my first primary school
being within sight of Digswell Viaduct, and seeing the Flying Scotsman
crossing the viaduct[1]. Years later my wife worked for Tony Marchington
and our first son was born on the day Tony vested Oxford Molecular Group,
making him enough money to buy 4472[2]. So I want to base the layout on the
ECML, and model Digswell viaduct, station and tunnel.
Digswell Viaduct is about half a kilometre long, which by my reckoning is
slightly longer in OO scale than the longest straight I can manage along one
wall of my loft!
Presumably people usually manage this problem by artistic licence, missing
out the odd arch? Or should I just buy a bigger house? ;-)
[1] I am now old and crumbly so that memory could easily be faulty - please
don't tell me if it is!
[2] We made diddly squat from the IPO, of course, and ended up paying more
tax than we made profit.
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Just zis Guy, you know?
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How big is your garden?
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John Sullivan
Long enough to do half the Settle-Carlisle line - but it slopes like the North face of the Eiger :-D
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Just zis Guy, you know?
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Selective compression :-)
It was just a thought.
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John Sullivan
You could build a rack railway, funicular or cable lift!!
Has anyone on the group done this?
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Mmm . . . just about right for N gauge then.
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Here's what you're aspiring to recreate at 4 mm to the foot - The view from the station on the North face of the Eiger!
formatting link
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Just zis Guy, you know?
So does the Settle-Carlisle line!
-- Enzo
I wear the cheese. It does not wear me.
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Enzo Matrix
Same here
Same here ... (although not the Oxford stuff)
Well I was going to make it about 12ft long which is about 3/8 scale length but I am slowly but surely reducing it to about 8ft, so that I have a decent amount of room left for the station. It's a compromise you have to make, do you want to model just one thing or maybe include some more bits of interest.
BTW it's really Welwyn Viaduct, and the station is Welwyn North, but I'm sure you knew that :-)
If you're still in the local area do drop me a line and maybe we can swap stories, resources, etc.
Cheers Simon.
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Simon Harding

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