Bachmann DCC starter kit

Hi everyone,
Does anyone have any experience of the Bachmann starter DCC set? I am
thinking of taking the plunge and I find the price of the Bachmann kit
to be attractive.
I understand that it is NMRA compatable, and so will operate with things
that comply to this standard. How do I stand on option outputs though?
Is there a book I can also refer to for an outline view. Does anyone
have one for sale (a book I mean)?
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Robert Wilson
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"Robert Wilson" wrote
Take a look at the recent thread *Bachmann 25 'sound effects' ?*.
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John Turner
Robert Wilson wrote:-
Price = attractive, otherwise very limited. Loco is pretty but noisy. Rolling stock is an odd mixture of 1930's, 1960's and 1990's. Oval of track is well made but very basic. So-called 'siding' is next to useless (too short and no buffers).
9 DCC + 1 analogue position. There is an option to add a slave DC controller but no details of where this can be obtained from. Controller cannot be used to program additional chips. Bachmann recommend the use of higher spec controller or dedicated programmer for that purpose.
Check out this page:-
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There is also an excellent article on the subject in Chris Ellis' book 'Next Steps in Railway Modelling'. To put things into perspective, I've learned more about DCC in the short time I've used the starter kit than I would from reading any number of books or magazine articles.
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