Bachmann V Hornby Wagon Wheels

Can anyone tell me if there is any difference in the coarseness of the
Bachmann or Hornby wagon wheels? I have new Hornby ones and I think they
are a bit too finescale for some of my points. Despite checking the
b2b's of the Hornby wheels, I often seem to find them derailing on my
Peco code 100 points. The earlier coarser Hornby/Mainline/Airfix wheels
don't have a problem.
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Gerald H
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Shouldnt be any problem. Couple of things though...are the wheels clean especially against flanges (check with point of blade - gently). Always worth adding bit of wieght underneath - of course you can test by putting some in. If you roll them through on their own do they still have a problem. Where abouts are they in the rake - does it make any difference if change the order ?
cheers, Simon
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