Cyril Freezer's funeral

For those who may be interested in paying their last respects here are the details of Cyril Freezer's funeral.

Dear All

As promised, here is an update on the arrangements. The funeral will be at West Herts Crematorium on Monday 1 June at 14:20,

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We intend to arrange something for afterwards but this is still being confirmed; details will follow later if you?re interested. If you?re planning to attend we would be very grateful if you could let us know so we have an idea of numbers for both.

The post mortem revealed that Cyril had a ?natural death? caused by the heart shutting down, effectively due to the arteries furring up (critical coronary arteriosclerosis), accelerated by pneumonia in March. Not bad for someone who had a heart bypass over 25 years ago.


Nick, Doris, Andrew and Alison

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Mike Hughes
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I had no idea he was "local". That's where my sister and my father were dispatched.


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Just zis Guy, you know?

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