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Just easing my way back into 'OO'. I'd like some BR standard plywood sided ventilated vans (bauxite). I notice that Dapol do a banana van, which is close, but I've seen a few references to Dapol numbers that don't seem to be on any adverts I've seen - I've looked on their website but can't see one either. Have they done one/do they do one/does anybody else produce one?



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Dapol Banana Van (and others) at Hattons for £5...

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From the Dapol 2003 catclogue ... (plywood side vent vans) B345 - BR Banana Van Bauxite B373 - BR Plywood Van Bauxite w/2 running nos. available - 784870 & 784879 B385 - BR Plywood Van Grey B381 - Fyffes Banana Van B561 - GEEST Banana Van

If ordering on-line also try (but not for Dapol)

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Not yet anywhere near a varied a selection as most other on-line retailers but on average, better prices than most. NB - only Bachmann and Hornby rolling stock.


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