dcc grafar

Anyone ever fitted a dcc decoder to any Grafar loco's??
cl47 ect and apart from isolating the pickup that runs through the frame of
the loco from the bogie is there any other way to do this????
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"kk" wrote
It can be done, but it's not a quick or easy job.
I think that's what has to be done, but would suggest that you join
formatting link
and ask on there.
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John Turner
There are ways. Consult the Yahoo groups which support DCC for details.
If its an older loco, I'd suggest looking at swapping the motor for a better one :-). I've put a Mashima open framed 1016 motor (from Branchlines) into a 37, and it runs a lot better. I don't recall it being particularly difficult to fit the motor into the chassis block. Also much easier to fit DCC !
I've a friend who is swapping his considerably 2mm fleet to DCC. His comments are that all his scratchbuilds have been dead easy, whereas there has been some faff with isolating the brush gear on Farish mechs.
- Nigel
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Nigel Cliffe

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