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Hi all,
I've just acquired a Lima loco that's pretty old (25 years, to be
precise). Before running it, I gave it a good clean up, and lubricated
it etc. Motor appears to be a Ringfield, possibly 3 pole, bogie mounted.
However, after about 10seconds of running, there is a nasty smell of
electrical burning eminating from it, but it still runs very well.
Is there anything I can do to eliminate/minimise the smells ? Can I give
it a drive transplant from a newer model (but retain the original for
resale etc)
Given it's rarity and age, I don't intend to run it often, just for the
odd "specials", but I do want to keep it in good running order.
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Ian Cornish
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How and what with did you lube it? Too much oil on the commutator can make the smell you describe.
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Steve Magee
I didn't do the commutator. I only did the mechanicals (gears, wheels etc). However, I've just dismantled the motor itself and found it coated in oil... now to get it off..
Steve Magee wrote:
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Ian Cornish
You can expect motors to emit a certain amount of smell, and given the age of this one, I think it would take a while to burn off the tarnish from the commutator. If you are sure it is all clean etc, and isn't getting over hot, I would just run it and keep a check on it. My bet is it will subside with use - or burst into flames :o)
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Best thing that could happen to a Lima loco!
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Ben C

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