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From John Turner ( snipped-for-privacy@53amodels.karoo.co.uk)

Just a general querie; has anyone had any problems with the locomotives >from the latest Chinese produced Hornby Flying Scotsman sets? > >If so I'd be glad to have details. > >John, >53A Models, Hull.

I recently returned to this hobby after a long break and just bought one of these sets. The loco isn't bad but the axles on the front bogie are slightly out of true which causes some minor wheel wobbling. Hardly noticeable though, I can live with it. I must admit that I was slightly disappointed in the running qualities though. I used to have an old 1981 version and I was expecting some major improvements in the intervening years. But it doesn't seem any different! Slow running isn't bad, not brilliant though. And trying to pull away smoothly without jerking the whole train is downright impossible. And yes, I do have a decent controller. The Ringfield motor in my old Hornby HST is far smoother. But maybe it'll sort itself out when broken in, I've barely used it so far.

As for the LNER coaches, again I used to have some 1980s versions with metal wheels and was disappointed to see that they're now plastic (well, in the set anyway). The coaches also have quite a wobble to them but the wheels do seem to be running true. Maybe they need more weight added?

I bought the set as it was cheaper than buying the components individually. However, is this the same loco (and coaches) that are sold individually or are they special 'economy' versions made only for the set? If so, what are the differences? I can't even find any 'R' numbers underneath (on the loco or coaches). Just says Hornby and made in China.

Maybe buying the equipment in a set was a false economy.....


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Hi Rob,

I'm afraid that it is not the same loco that is sold solo. Train sets, and especially this one, are mainly sold for children. Consequently the more robust pre-1979 'Flying Scotsman' is used as it is likely to survive intact for longer than 24 hours. The coaches, however, are standard although they will have running numbers unique to this set.


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