Hornby Mk 3 coaches

Does anybody know if there is such a thing as a parts diagram for the Hornby Mk3 coaches. Do they come apart? Can things be changed? Can I buy bogies and glazing independently?

Any help would be most appreciated.

Andy Kaye

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Might not have much luck, unfortunately - one or two Hornby dealers I've spoken to say that the range of available spares has become very limited since production was moved out of the UK, with only basics like motor brushes and couplers being widely available.

David Belcher

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There's still a very wide range of spares available from Hornby, the trouble is they keep changing the reference numbers for items and it becomes increasingly difficult to identify precisely what is required. However providing you have an up-to-date service sheet to work from it's possible to order virtually any loco mechanical part, although parts for rolling stock is a different issue.


53A Models, Hull. Hornby Service Dealers/Collectors' Centre.
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John Turner

But that is the problem, there are no service sheets for coaches so I cannot identify the items that I need as I have no reference numbers.

I am specifically looking for bogie frames and galzing for MK3 coaches as used on HST etc.

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Give East Kent Models on 01227 770777 a bell- they seem to have both a vast stock (not just of listed spares, but of production over-runs etc) but an encyclopedic knowledge of it. Sadly, perhaps, they haven't got either E-mail or web-site, but I've always found them very helpful inresponse to phone enquiries. Brian

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BH Williams

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