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Have just bought 2 Hornby Mk3 coaches but when compared to the existing (Mk3) coaches I have the new ones are just over an inch longer.

The old coaches were bought as part of a bargain HST pack 1-2 years ago. They may be Mk2 size but are definately Mk3 style (boxed in undercarriage, ribbed roof etc.)

Which ones are the correct ones?!

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Probably neither.

The new ones.

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John Sullivan

I read somewhere that the original mk3s where produced shorter because of the mega overhang on narrow curves.

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The new ones. The originals Hornby MkIIIs were built an inch short to compensate for train-set curves. The early ones had only seven windows.

Hornby tooled up totally new scale-length MkIIIs a couple of years ago, which really look the part.

Adam Warr

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The original Hornby Mark 3's were made a bit shorter to help them go round 1st radius curves. I believe they just took out 1 window panel, but I am not sure.

The newer ones are at least the correct length (I believe the Lima ones always were?) but I cant say anything about their accuracy.

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John Ruddy

Hornby altered Mk3 coaches to scale length a while ago.

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There was an 'interim' model produced for a good few years, which had the correct number of windows (8) on the glazing insert, but it was otherwise the original under-length 7-window bodyshell. It can be distinguished from its predecessor as the windows do not have the raised 'lip' to the frame moulded on. The new scale-length Hornby Mk.IIIs are easily identified as they have small 'bumps' moulded on near the doors, to represent the little orange 'door unlocked' lights. Unfortunately, these even appear on the blue & grey models - although the livery disappeared before central door locking was introduced!

David E. Belcher

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David E. Belcher

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