MTK Class 140 and 141 Railbus Kits?

I was wondering if anyone can help?
At the moment I would like to build a model of a Class 141 railbus (and
possibly a Class 140 too). I know MTK produced a kit of the 141 and from
memory they did a 140 too. The kits are not that great as I built a MTK
BRE/Leyland R3 railbus kit, back in the early 1990s, and after a lot of work
got an acceptable model.
Does anyone know where I might be able to obtain a kit for either?
Or does anyone have one they might wish to sell (unbuilt/part built /built
Failing that, does anyone know where a scale drawing of a 141 or 140 could
be obtained from, as anyother way forward is scratchbuilding the bodies to
mount on modified Hornby Class 142 underframes.
Thanks for your time,
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"Richard Adkins" wrote
Subscribe to and ask your question on the Yahoo Group for diesel & electric modellers. Surplus items are often available at sensible prices and there is a wealth of knowledge on diesel prototypes.
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