Problem(s) with Hornby Gresley coaches?

One of my customers today reported a problem with some of the first batch of the Hornby BR red/cream Chinese made super-detailed Gresley coaches.

He claims that the coaches, which have been in careful use on his layout away from sunlight are starting to show signs of the plastic breaking down. Doors on one side of the coaches are starting to 'dimple' whilst the beading on the opposite side is distorting. Both coaches are showing similar signs of plastic failure.

Has anyone else had similar problems?


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John Turner
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I have taken a brief look at the three coaches I have. One seems perfect, another has very slight signs of initial dimpling, but the third does have a couple of definite marks. From past experience with home built plastic coach kits, I suspect that the solvent used to fix the glazing is attacking the plastic. The marks do not coincide with the doors, but are on the lower panels. I have not opened up the coaches to check this opinion. On my kit built coaches, the markings do appear to stabilise after a while. Thinking about it, I have a Dapol County on which the cab roof shows similar distortion.


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