Where to get a reliable valuation?

I have had for years an unused Hornby Railways RS.508 Flying Scotsman set
(with exhaust steam sound). Boxed with electric locomotive, 2 coaches in
GNER livery immaculate condition.
Is this common or is it likely to be worth anything. Thought about selling
it to help raise money for my wife's charity event later in the year but
concerned an unscrupuous dealer may rip me off.
Where is a reliable place to go for advice in UK?
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Triang Hornby RS608 1971-72 Hornby R508 1973 only
Is your set still sealed in the box or have you at anytime removed the contents to examine them ?
If still sealed in the box, take it to a proper auction house for the best advise and price.
A modelshop/dealer will only offer you a pittance for it, but will sell for a high profit.
Just as a matter of interest, I have a 1968 RS51 Freightmaster set "STILL SEALED" in the box. The contents have never been out to examine them.I was recently offered +AKM-65 for it, but I said "No Way" Photo at the link below
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Wilson Adams
"Baal" wrote
The loco sounds like it's R855N, made between 1971 and 77. It's listed by Ramsays at £20 unboxed or optimistically at £35 with its box (which I realise you won't have).
The Thompson type LNER (not GNER) "teak" coaches are listed at £7 each.
I'm afraid it won't raise a huge sum for your wife's charity.
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David Westerman

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