CK Products at FabTech 2009

My wife and I just got back from FabTech in Chicago. What an
excellent experience. I met with many of the vendors: Miller,
Lincoln, Fronius, Esab, and on my way out...CK Products.
They are a serious class act. I met with their National Product
Manager and I told them about the 5 CK torches that I owned, and that
I got the lead on their company by reading this newsgroup. I then
told them about Ernie, and how he should be a paid spokesman for their
torches. Ernie's guidance for the members of this group is a true
example of craftsmen sharing their knowledge and passion.
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So what did they give you for praising them?
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Gunner Asch
I was kind of surprised, that none of the vendors were giving away any samples. A couple of years ago, some vendors were giving a sample Tungsten here and there...but my guess is because of the economic downturn, those budgets have been put on hold.
I did however, get a deal on 2 of the CK "Gas Saver" torch front ends (with the Pyrex cups) for a "show price" of half-off of list. I haven't had a chance to try them.
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In article , karchiba wrote:
Be very gentle with those Pryex cups. They are very fragile and very expensive to replace.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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