What's wrong with this picture ?

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1) One brave dude with his hands on his hips staring at the weld. He probably dreamed about this that night.
2) Another is probably peeping between his fingers so he doesn't get the full impact of the weld. But he *could* be shielding his eyes with his hand.
3) The other is pretty close and peeping through a shield (?) held at arms length -- while possibly toasting his fingers. :-)
4) A temporary welding screen could have helped all of them.
5) Are those six gears below the weld or is he welding on the side of a canister? Can't really tell what he's welding on. Counter? Wall or frame of some type to keep folks out of some machinery?
6) On closer examination it appears the welder himself has his bald forehead exposed. Perhaps he (? they all) are looking for early retirement!
What did I miss?
Ben Woodward wrote:
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Al Patrick
Nothing. It's a government job.
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Uh...Duh, that's how I learned to weld from the motorcycle shows. Ciao, David Todtman
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David Todtman
Everyone in it has cataracts?
Rule #35 "That which does not kill you, has made a huge tactical error"
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Another safety violation is that the guy doing the weldeing has no glove on the hand that he is holding the stinger with. Also where is the fire watch guy?
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This reminds me of a story about a welder and his aprentice. Before striking an arc the welder would warn his aprentice by telling him to "watch it" meaning be careful, protect yourself. After about 3 hours the aprentice spoke up, "you're going to have to get somebody else for this job, my eyes are burning out of my head".
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John D
I heard of one on a construction job where the welder told his helper not to look at the weld while he was welding. He didn't. However, the welding was taking place inside a SS tank. He also got welder burned eyes. Instead of closing them he was just turning his head and catching the reflection.
John D wrote:
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Al Patrick
"John D" wrote: (clip)you're going to have to get somebody else for this job,(clip ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The guy quit the job as a welder's aprentice, and found work as an electrician's helper. One of his first assignments was to go out and ground the neutral third wire. After some time, he came back--his clothes were tattered and charred, and he looked a mess. The electrician asked him what happened. He replied, "It shot fire all over hell, but I got 'er grounded."
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Leo Lichtman
Reminds me of the guy we had at bomb school. His task was to blow up a bus; but he came back saying it was too hard because he kept burning his lips on the exhaust pipe.
In article , Leo Lichtman wrote:
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Mike H.

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