Re: Hitec RCD equals Great Service - Not an ad, just good service.

Just their usual service.
I had the need to send my Hitec Prism 7 in for a checkout and possible
> repair after a crash. My 40 size P-51 crashed after the elevator went full
> up, aileron went full right, rudder went full right, and throttle went to
> idle, resulting in the most beautiful flat spin. The receiver was FM, thus
> no failsafe. The landing gear was pushed through the wing and is fully
> repairable. Anyway, I thought it was a intermittent transmitter. Hitec
> replaced the main board and the LCD at no charge (They knew nothing about
> the crash, since I was not 100% sure of the failure mode). Hitec covered
> the repair as warranty work even after I told them I bought the unit in May
> 1996. After seven years, Hitec stood behind thier product. A great firm.
> Who else would or could be this good!!
> Art Steinmetz
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I have a Hitec Servo Digital Programmer that I "let the smoke out" after connecting the fast field charger to the servo socket. My Australian Hitec agent told me it could not be repaired so I sent it to the US Hitec service centre. They looked at the programmer and called my mobile phone (I live in Australia!!) and gave the quote for the repairs. It was 1/4 the cost of a new programmer and that included postage. I will continue to use Hitec . Excellent products and service.
Regards Tom Watson Sydney Australia
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Amen to that! I bought a focus 4 from ebay, something went wrong with it and so I sent it in for repair. It was returned after two weeks with a new antenna and no charge. I even told them it was purchased 2nd hand. For that, I can forgive them the exhorbant prices charged for new gear.
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Edward Cameron
Exhorbitant prices? They're the best bang for the buck of anything I've seen. I think the only thing I've found that's cheaper are transmitters made by GWS, and I've never bought one of those.
For my money I'm miles ahead to buy something like an Eclipse 7 and use it with everyone else's receivers as opposed to buying multiple cheap radios.
Your mileage may vary.
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Randy Baker

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