AutoCAD 2006 xref - xcut?

I am looking for a solution
I have a map drawing with multiple xrefs. (w/Building, utilities etc
I would like to cut out (xcut) a rectangular section of any given are
and be able to wblock or paste it into another drawing(s).
I would like to be able to do this so that I can create multipl
smaller and independant maps from the larger map without any xrefing
Xclip doesn't deliver for my needs, it still referances the clippe
xref drawing(s) in the new drawing
I want to be able to cut (xcut) right thru the drawing and xrefs an
be able to paste the cut section into a new drawing (without th
xrefs). Perhaps this feature could be called xcut. Because it cut
right thru all the xrefs
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I have tried this sort of idea with a few things. I find to get the job done I use two master files with all the xrefs in that I need , do a save as and then do xclip with a simple match line. Not exactly what you need but I created something like 22 drawings off of one master. After that I turn off the layers that I don't need, purge as well. I know this is not exactly what you are looking for but it is along the same lines and gets the job done.
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Jody Meyer
I do something slightly different. After making the drawing with all the xref's in the drawing and getting all of them as I want them, I open the xref mamager and bind all the xrefs to the drawing as inserts which makes them blocks within the drawing. At that point, you can use the command "refedit" to erase within the blocks what you don't want without updating the external references. The blocks can then be exploded and trimmed in any fashion you want. R. Wink
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R. Wink

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