AutoCAD 2008 Install via Group Policy

Hi All,
We have a network-licenced version of AutoCAD 2008 for the University
There's lots of documentation on installing in a network environment.
We'd like to use Group Policy. The documentation talks about
*ASSIGNING* software by adding the software to the Computer
Configuration\Software Settings\Software Installation branch.
We have many thousands of PCs, tens of thousands of students but only
a tiny fraction use AutoCAD. For other software, we can *PUBLISH*
software via Group Policy, so users can choose to install software "on
demand". I'd like to do this with AutoCAD 2008 as well.
It returns all sorts of errors. All users have standard rights only.
Other software installs fine, but AutoCAD says I need to be
Administrator to install.
Anyone have any success?
Kind regards,
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Anwar Mahmood
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