updating other computers

If I copy my entire support file from my computer to another, will they be
the same?
will the other computer have my tool palettes, menus, ect?
What about workspaces? Should I copy all of their workspace files to my
computer, then
make all the computers the same, wiht the ability to reload your own
workspace (or someone else's?)
All computers have registered version of AutoCAD 2006.
I am simply trying to get everyone on the same page.
We have access to a network, but it is slow, old and not terribly reliable,
so I would rather
update each computer instead of pathing things to a network location.
I am looking for the simplest, most global way to do this, while retaining
each drafters individual screen setting (workspace right?)
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Aren't the workspaces saved in the cui file(s)? You may have to rename each user's cui file before copying them to the same workstation. Then you could load all the cui files as partial cui's or transfer nodes from one to another. Maybe have a look in the cui interface and look at the structure.
You probably should export everyone's profiles also. There are a bunch of variables with personal preferences saved in there.
I'm not sure this helps but hope it does anyway, Pete
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Thanks Pete. I have us all using the same profile, and fortunately, I'm the only one doing any customizing. I am worried about the individual workspaces though. I need to look more into that . Thanks, jojo
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