Which VErsion???

I type acadver on command line and it comes back with;
Unknown command ""ACADVER"". Press F1 for help.
So whats up? I have ACAD 2002LT and it will not let me use this command.
How do I know which SP to install?
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. TIP FROM AUTODESK: FIND A FILE'S PARENT AUTOCAD VERSION To determine the version of AutoCAD that created a particular DWG or DXF file, open the file as a text editor (save DXF files in ASCII text format first). The first six bytes of a DWG file identify its version. In a DXF file, the AutoCAD version number is specified in the header section. The DXF system variable is $ACADVER. Here are the version identifiers for the various releases. Note that more than one release uses the same identifier when the drawing format remains fully compatible. AC1018: AutoCAD 2004 AC1015: AutoCAD 2002, 2000i, 2000 AC1014: AutoCAD Release 14 (Release 14 sample drawings use AC1013) AC1012: AutoCAD Release 13 AC1009: AutoCAD Releases 12, 11 AC1006: AutoCAD Release 10 AC1004: AutoCAD Release 9 AC1002: AutoCAD Release 2.6 AC1.50: AutoCAD Release 2.05
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Sorry mabey I wasn't clear... I am tring to install a Service Pack... I don't need to know a Version a Drawing was made from. I need to know which Version The Actual AutoCad 2002LT is. It will not let me enter the "ACADVER" command in the command line. It says unknown command. According to Autodesk this is the way to find what I need but it will NOT accept it.
Any Ideas? Thanks
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Full AutoCAD only. ACADVER is not an available command in LT. ___
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Paul Turvill

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