OT: Does Honda/Acura understand customer service?!!?

Honda likes to advertise that they offer above average service... Acura, prides itself on being the luxury division so one might expect luxury service. But given the following set of circumstances, what do you think?

May 26th my wife's '06 Acura CSX was involved in a single vehicle accident by narrowly avoiding the car running a red light at 11 o'clock on a Friday night. Unfortunately, the CSX sustains not only body damage, but some pretty impressive undercarriage and safety equipment damage.

We sent the car to the body shop where we get most of the work ever required on our cars, Clear Collision. CC works with Manitoba Public Insurance but in order to get several safety measures properly fixed it needs to be sent to the dealer.

This is the part where Crown Acura, a Dilarwi Group car dealership and the only Acura dealer in Manitoba, gets involved.

The car is brought to the dealership on July 9th. Looked and on the

10th and work starts on the 11th. It is now the 27th and various parts are being shipped, have arrived, been mislabeled, not installed, and safety checks not yet completed as a result. EIGHTEEN days to not have the car even close to being road worthy yet. According to the service fellow, they can build an entire CSX in under 6 hours... of course, that is before they have your money!

So, with a vacation pending on Sunday, no car in sight, it would seem reasonable that Acura would want to keep an unhappy Acura customer slightly more mollified by providing them with some assistance in the way of a rental car, or some such option, for the pending vacation. A reasonable consumer might think that, wouldn't one?

The answer according to Acura Rental and Customer Care - is no. This is not Acura's problem.

Let's see here, Crown Acura (Acura Canada's licensee) has had the car for 18 days with no end in sight for the car being road worthy. Parts have arrived that have been mislabeled and therefore useless - more than useless, they have slowed down the repair process - and the answer is not our problem.

Friday afternoon after an hour of watching the service fellow try all the available avenues available to him, he passes the file over to the service manager. At 4:15 he suggests that he will make some calls to see what he can do.

We head back at 5:15, still no contact from Crown Acura. After going around the "we're Acura customers that are unhappy" - "we're not responsible" shtick a few times, the service manager comes up with a solution that gets them off the hook for their part of this debacle... they will strip out a shoulder harness from an '07 CSX and put it into our '06. That way, Crown Acura has provided the most minimal level of service required.

Does this sound like the level of service you might expect from a luxury car company?

I suggest that you very carefully consider your options when buying a new Honda luxury car... does it sound to you like Acura has any clue what the expectations of its clientele are?

I have received far superior service from your run of mill North American car dealerships. Why bother paying for the Honda/Acura name; when you can save yourself $5-10,000 and buy local?

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Sounds like you need to talk to the corporate office. I rarely give the local folks more than one or two chances to fix their screw-ups. I try to be understanding, but if they don't appear to be doing their jobs, it's time to move up the food chain.

Still, I wonder at folks who feel the need to blow $10k or more on a car than they have to. I'm sure Acura has a pretty trifle or two over Honda, but it's a Honda, and there's nothing an Acura can offer anybody that you can't get added to a Honda, including the nameplates and logos.

The only thing Acura really has over Honda is showing everybody you have money to burn. Same goes with Lexis, Cadillac, and so on. Personally, I'd go for a bumper sticker that said "I'm Riach, Biach!"


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Interesting story. Especially the part where the collision was narrowly avoided, but the car sustained serious damage.

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Long Ranger

Tee hee.

Next time buy American!

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