Problem mit PSpice MC-Analyse


ich hab in einem anderen Forum schon auf English gepostet, und möchte hier auch nochmal, also sorry wegen der boardfremden Sprache ;-)

I want to have a delay line with tolerances. Idid it like this:

T_T1 N00188 0 OUT 0 T1_DELAY .MODEL T1_DELAY TRN(Z0=50 TD=50n DEV/UNIFORM 10n)

These are my two netlist lines representing my line. There are no errors during netlisting and simulation, everything works fine. But the DEV doesn't seem to have any effect on the TD parameter, all runs end up with exactly 50n.

1) Why does it not work this way, is there another way? 2) Are there model parameters where a tolerance specification is not applicable? 3) Can I use a tolerance specification outside a .MODEL defintion at all? I want to apply tolerance specifications into sources, is this feasible?
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Oliver Friedrich
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