Distinctive head keys

Does anyone make a distinctive head key blank for the
Schlage "E" or "H" keyways? I'm thinking of something
like the Baldwin blanks for the "C" keyway, but anything
that is distinctly different would be OK. None of my
catalogs seem to have anything like this.
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You can google for "custom key blanks" for a large list of resellers.
For example, there are "Kool Keys" with special shapes and colorizations:
formatting link
and special bow shaped keys for branding:
formatting link

Good luck, David
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Ilco also makes large bow key blanks with many different bow styles and custom logo and such mostly for hotel/motels. Bow styles include square head, round head, small head, oval head, shield head, octagonal head and more. I know Ilco catalog #40-0790D had these blanks. I think the minimum order is 500 blanks.
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Ed Jasper
Schlage makes -3- "unique" bow styles:
Large bow, 5 pin "C" keyway only- 35-135C
ACESS bow, 5 or 6 pin, all standard keyways- 35-143 5pin, 35-144 6pin
Large bow, 5 or 6 pin, all standard keyways- 35-140 5pin, 35-141 6 pin
The 1st one looks like the standard bow on the schlage keys....
The 2nd one is an angle style with more "meat" on the bottom, does not hange on a key ring nicely, as its hole is on the longer angled side.
The 3rd, my favorite- is a large bow, with just the word schlage in small letters on it. Similar to the old ilco hotel blanks.
I have all of them and use all of them- check with your wholesaler- they should have them or be able to get them
Some can be ordered in the PRIMUS keyways also- the 35-116 & 35-114 are large & access bow's
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JOCK tec
Thanks for all the great replies. I just wasn't digging deep enough in my search. Now to see if I can get them in less than 500 quantity. :-)
Thanks, Alan
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