Best secondhand tool drawers ever (gloat)!

Mayline blueprint drawing file cabinets. Strong, sturdy. Cost $$$ originally.

Nobody wants print cabinets anymore in the age of CAD, right?

But they make the perfect tool drawers.

Found several at an auction for less than the rolls of rubber anti-slip matting cost me to line the bottoms.

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Richard J Kinch
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Now thats what I need to find. If you lived near CT I would make an offer

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I wonder if small business rental equipment (office...) would have some they would love to offload.

Might be in most big city.


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Martin H. Eastburn

Blueprint drawers are usually quite expensive on the secondhand market. They even fetch good money on ebay. There are still lots of plans to store. Getting them cheap at an auction is probably the only way to go.

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Plan files aren't usually cheap. Regardless of CAD, most systems are still geared to large drawings as a final output. Also, a number of artistic endeavors produce large flat paper items, e.g. prints. Plan files are also used to store the paper and film prior to use. Paul

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At a lot of auctions I've gone to it seems that very near the end of the auction a lot of material handling stuff like shelve, parts bins, and tote trays are sold. Most of the buyers have already got what they want and are tired and want to get home. Most of the time they look like hell, covered with oil and chips but it doesn't take long to clean them. Industrial shelves and parts bins are well made and don't wear out (and expensive when new; one section of steel shelving cost over $100). As an added bonus a lot of time the bins will have junk like bearings, tool bits and other neat stuff.

I found a bunch of metal parts bins at the local junk yard, I got 36 of them for about $18. I could kick myself for not taking all of them. I have also got a lot of fiberglass tote trays at the junk yard, when empty they nest inside each other. They are also great to stand on, an extra 18 inches to work under the hood or paint a wall. Not made of metal, so the scrap yard doesn't want them and are happy to have you take them off their hands. (now all the scrap yards a worried about being sued so they won't let you wander through looking for treasures). A lot of companies have stopped using fiber glass tote trays because when they get banged up some fiber glass flakes off and for some people fiber glass causes a rash.

Vidmar cabinets always go for top dollar but a couple of years ago I was going past a bicycle repair shop and saw a vidmar cabinet sitting outside, asked the owner if he wanted to sell it, he asked for $50 but settled for $25.


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I have many of the stacking fiberglass tote bins they work great between the overhead joists. I just put up a sheet of plywood and have lots of storage that takes up no space

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