Dishwasher as a parts washer

Pour some ATF into that little compartment for the rinse additive?

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Rex B
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If it was in my shop , I might try that ! But this one is in our kitchen .

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Appreciate the insights--apparently some here know how to use a dishwasher! :)

But here's another thought: With everything coming with goddamm ICs now, they will be *breaking like crazy*, w/ nuthin wrong w/ the basic mechanicals! I'm seeing this already in fancy-schmancy space heaters, fans, dehumidifers, A/Cs, etc. All's you gotta do is bypass the solid state, and BANG, the unit works! It's basically on/off now, but it works.

Proly will see, in short order, appliances thrown out in *shiploads*, w/

*perfectly good mechanicals*, so's *you too* can own yo' own dishwasher/parts washer in yer shop. Proly A/Cs galore.

Proly some wicked parts in them thar dishwashers, as well. Jacuzzi's too.

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Proctologically Violated©®

Dish washers in the kitchen is part of the SOP to clean or repair a Telet= ype. Once out - not dried - just washed - then it is dumped in a barrel of oil= =2E Water is drawn off. Oil soaks into the oil felts.

The dish washing fluid (paste) or powder is a LYE or strong Base and will=

cause some light grade AL to etch - check kitchen fry pans... handles of = plastic ...

The lye does attack most solvent. Just keep it off you! It will turn you to soap. Grease to soap...

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Andrew VK3BFA wrote:

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Martin H. Eastburn

Olive oil or canola?

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

yep -- dishwasher detergent is very effective at getting ALL the oil and grease off, and then the machine basically steams the part dry, which will flash-rust iron or steel. You have to nab the parts as soon as the cleaning cycle is done, while they are still damp, then dry them off and immediately oil.

BTW, the detergent will corrode the heck out of brass parts, too -- as I found out the hard way once. Which also lead to learning the following lesson:

DON'T get caught cleaning parts in the family dishwasher! This is NOT a good thing....


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As our order quantites slowly climbed, I noticed our cleaning costs growing at a a rate that I wasn't pleased with.

I was curious about the new aqueous cleaners, but the price, yikes. I wanted to experiment with a residential dishwasher, but I was pretty sure the fine chips would attack the pump pretty quickly.

I spent a lot of time searching, and found a military surplus commercial dishwasher on ebay. It was wired for 50cycles, and that didn't matter, and it had a steam heat exchanger. I need to rig a way to get a hotter inlet water temp, with a booster heater, but initial trials showed great results.

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Modified stainless steel commercial dishwashers are used to clean printed circuit boards in manufacturing to remove the flux residue and body oils from handling the blank boards. The one we had at Microdyne had a large polypropylene holding tank and circulating pump to reuse the cleaner. It was flushed and refilled about once a week.

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