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Before anyone bids on the following:

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Ebay auction #3838645183

Be advised that the description is totally inaccurate for the images posted. For that matter, the description does not even match other parts of the description. A Model 7500 is a Logan Chucker. Serial Number 80448 *IS* a Model 7500. The pictures and the description are NOT a 7500. The turret in the picture was NOT made by Logan Engineering.

I would tell the seller about this, but he has blocked me from bidding on his auctions, and can not say why (he asked *ME* why he blocked me!). His email box is often full, and messages bounce, so I don't know how he does business anymore.

Other than the above, please do not ask me about the lathe, ask the seller.

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Scott S. Logan
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ask for Steve or Paul.


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Hmmm, this is really odd. I did a fair amount of business with this outfit under the eBay user name of reliableendmill, and he was a VERY good eBay seller. I never had a problem with any transaction, and they were responsive to emails, at least during the week.

He must have somebody new running the on-line part of his business.


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Jon Elson

I've bought many items from these folks. The last item just this morning. Very good to work with, always quick with emails and phone calls. They even have an 800 number toll free for Ebay folks.


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Karl Townsend

I physically shop in there at least a couple times a month. Its in my route.


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