Gordon Chiverton or "Jubilee" steam fittings?

I am now close to connecting up the plumbing of my Don Young Hunslet.
Among the fittings already purchased (from Don, years ago before his
death) are a very elegant matched pair of steam valves (injector and
blower). Having got down to detailed planning I realise that two
additional steam valves are needed, one for the displacement lubricator
steam and one for a vacuum ejector. Although I have not yet finalised
the positions of these I am keen that they should not be too obviously a
pair of late additional afterthoughts.
In correspondence with Don, he described the existing fittings as,
"...'Jubilee' not Fyne Fort...". Does anyone recognise the brand name
'Jubilee'? Were they perhaps from Gordon Chiverton? Are 'Jubilee' and/or
Chiverton still trading?
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Mike Hopkins
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