urgent alert: Property stolen

Unfortunately the recent spate of ram raids in the south east demonstrate that it is all too easy to steal even well-anchored heavy cash machines: steal a Transit van, drive it through the wall, load the swag, and off you go. All done in less than a minute.
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Cliff Coggin
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If you knew what you had to get through to get to the dog pen/hawthorn hedges, you'd be as amused as I am at the thought.
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You could install a paintball gun, preferably with balls filled with purple dye....... no "physical" harm done, just marked the b****rs for everyone to recognise...maybe a bit "grievous", but what the hell?
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The police couldn't be bothered as his was a very isolated farmhouse - much too far for the blighters to go from their warm police house. Hadn't he had warning of this visit? Wasn't it a repeat one? No wonder he was in a "mental state" Wouldn't anyone be?
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There has to be a limit to what you can do to a burglar to avoid everyone behaving excessively.
Personally I think that if you can't track them down in the first 6 months, you really shouldn't be able to shoot them or their familly.
Though on second thoughts, maybe they should be 6 years...
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Cliff Ray
Too right. The only mistake he made was letting one of them get away to tell the tale. Perhaps he'd have been better off with a rifle.
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And 2 weeks later, I have been hit again.
If I get them, I will string them up by their testicles using fishing line.
This time, one of my cars has been broken into. Lock smashed in, front quarterlite smashed in. Looks like they were going to nick it until they discovered the battery was missing.
I phoned the police at 2:20 (according to them). I phoned them again at 8pm demanding to know how my tax is being spent. I am getting frustrated at their lack of action. I told them (and it is being recorded as I was reminded) that I am on the side of Tony Martin and if I catch the blighters, I would do exactly the same.
What do I have to do to get some action? Tell them that I have seen a gun? Apparently, they don't have enough resources at the moment. Should I tell them that I have discovered that my gun has been stolen?
I am looking for a professional crimesolver, not a drone that I have to pay for, not a race driver that I have to pay for. A proper crimesolver, which is what I am forced to pay for.
I am still waiting for some action.
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