AeroTech Information Release 7/7/06

AeroTech Information Release
AeroTech Unveils New Products at LDRS-25
AeroTech introduced several new products at LDRS-25 in Amarillo, Texas on
June 29 through July 4.
The product that seemed to generate the most excitement was the "Electronic
Forward Closure", or EFC (part no. EFC-1, $169.95 suggested retail). The
EFC is a timer-based electronic recovery system deployment module that
attaches to the top of any RMS-29, 38 or 54mm reloadable rocket motor. It
includes a reusable glow-plug ejection charge ignition system that
eliminates the need for electric matches and similar one-time use devices
commonly employed with other electronic deployment systems. A robust
anodized aluminum housing protects the unit from mechanical shock and
exposure to ejection charge residue, and an integral ejection charge holder
retains up to 3 grams of black powder.
Easy to set up and use, it was flown at LDRS in Joe Danjou's LOC Minie-Magg
using an AeroTech H999N-P for propulsion. After a perfect 0.33 second boost
and pre-set 8-second time delay, the EFC deployed the parachute at apogee.
The EFC may be programmed to deliver a time delay of one to over 6,000
seconds from motor burnout, in one-second increments.
New motor forward closures were released that adapt the EFC-1 to the various
size high-power RMS motor casings, including an extended version for the
long-burn 54mm reloads. Part no. EFC29-1 is the 29mm closure ($24.95),
EFC38-1 is the 38mm Closure ($39.95), EFC54-1 is the standard length 54mm
closure ($53.95) and EFC54-2 is the extended length 54mm closure ($69.95).
An avionics combo pack (part no. EFC-CP) is also being offered that includes
the EFC-1 and one each of all the motor closures for $339.95 suggested
retail, a nearly $20 savings. As a bonus feature, all of the EFC motor
closures were designed to eliminate the need for the delay o-ring and
forward delay spacer, simplifying motor assembly.
Along with the EFC hardware products, AeroTech introduced an ejection charge
kit 12-pack (part no. ECK-1, $5.95), which includes 12 each 1.4 gram
ejection charges and 1/2" diameter vinyl caps designed to fit the EFC's
ejection charge holder.
An instruction and specification sheet for the EFC-1 may be downloaded in
PDF format from the AeroTech website at
formatting link

Also released at LDRS-25 were a number of new Tripoli-certified RMS rocket
motor reload kits: The 38/120 Warp-9 G339N-P (part no. 07339P, $19.95), the
38/600 Black Max I305FJ-M (part no. 09305M, $45.95), the 38/1080 Black Max
J575FJ-M (part no. 10575M, 76.95), the 75/7680 White Lightning M1850W-P
(part no. 13185P, $379.95) and the 98/2560 Warp-9 K1999N-P (part no. 11199P,
Technical specifications, motor assembly drawings and instructions for these
new reload kits may be viewed and downloaded in PDF format from the AeroTech
Finally, new hardware was released for these and other upcoming RMS reload
kits. The 75/1280 case (part no. 7512C, $149.95) and motor (part no. 7512M,
$273.95) are intended for several new single-grain 75mm reload kits that
will be released later in 2006. The 75/7680 case (part no. 7576C, $364.95)
and motor (part no. 7576M, $464.95) are designed for use with the M1850W-P
motor, also introduced at LDRS-25. The 75/7680 case and motor both include a
new forward seal disk, which is also available separately (part no. 75FSD,
AeroTech Consumer Aerospace is a Division of RCS Rocket Motor Components,
Cedar City, UT 84720.
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Gary C. Rosenfield
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Not to seem snide, and I really like the idea (and I'm sure I'll get one sooner or later), but just exactly what would one use the 6000 second delay for???
I'd (for example) prefer to have seen 0-600 in .1 second increments, or 0-60 in .01 second increments (not that that level of precision is necessary )...
David Erbas-White
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David Erbas-White

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