alternative to Hatch/Kohl 724 in the works

Do you mean among those certified to fly HPR (and then launch 1 H per year) or those who actually fly HPR?

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Kurt Kesler
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I would restate the question. What portion of EX'ers even bother with HPR anymore with the TRA/LEUP/errortech treadmill?

A very small percentage.

There are ALOT more estes rocketeers than NAR members, by at least two orders of magnitude, and a similar situation exists in Am/Ex re HPR.


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Jerry Irvine

kaplow (Bob Kaplow) wrote in news:hMgXEpQP9$

Don't forget vests, tennis shoes, plastic and metal pipe, envelopes and boxes.

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David W.

Either way. And matching AM numbers (those who only did it once)

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Bob Kaplow

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