Re: cost to certify - Easy Solution.

The other threads concerning the new certification proposal have
> degenerated, so I thought I would put forward my view on the
> "one-time" certification cost.
> Currently, a person can join NAR for a year for $62.00 ($12.00 for
> other family members). As a member, you can try for certification
> L1, L2 and L3 as many times as needed during that year (at no extra cost)
> My proposal is that this DOES NOT CHANGE. I am simply asking that
> the certification, once gained, holds until DEATH. This is perfectly
> consistent with NFPA, indeed it is not clear to me that NAR has the
> authority to actually remove a certification, once granted. But according
> to NAR (and TRA) a person automatically becomes uncertified 365 days
> after membership ceases. I simply want this rule to change.
> What continuing costs are their for NAR? NONE. They have my name
> and address in their database, they have me checked as a LX flyer,
> they have me checked as a current member or not. They simply don't
> delete names of expired members who have achieved a certification. >
> I have asked that certified flyers receive a card showing certification
> without an expiration date. That is the only new cost that I can think
> of. (I'll pay $5 for such a card). Any vendor who wants to know my
> certification simply needs to see that card. Easy.
> As for those already certified, it seems that it would be easy to offer
> this card to all those in exchange for some old membership card showing
> their certification level. Ie, everyone who has ever achieved L1 should
> be given an L1 for life card (for $5 or $10, say). What LX flyer would
> NOT want to have their certification made permanent??? I suspect all
> LX flyers would think this is a good thing. (I strongly suspect the
> vast majority of them think this is the case already).
> Note, this is a FANTASTIC recruitment device. Contacting expired LX
> flyers and saying "come on back, you need not jump through silly
> hoops anymore", sounds like a GREAT way to get expired people interested
> in rocketry again and thus possibly wanting to join NAR to get their
> great magazine and take part in their many flying events.
> There is no liability issue. None! Since a person is a member while
> trying to cert, they are covered by the _secondary_ insurance of NAR.
> A non-member does not have the _secondary_ insurance that NAR offers
> to members. This is the same as now, ie, non-members NOW are certified
> for 365 days after their membership expires.
> To me this is so mind-boggling simple. I do not know why everyone
> is making it so complicated. I am also interested if there are any
> lurkers out their who would support this proposal.
> Take care,
> Ferrell Wheeler
> Sunderland, MD
There is a very simple solution to this dilemma. Make your own
motors. Fly at another launch besided TRA/NAR. Done. No questions.
No dilemma.
Example? the FIT JAMSTAR project.....flown out of the
everglades....TRA/NAR had nothing to do with it. Not a cert motor in
To me this SOLUTION is mind-boggling simple.
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