Re: ROL NEWS--Merlin Missile Solutions Releases RMS Protective Containers

> Merlin Missile Solutions Releases RMS Protective Containers > September 12, 2003 > Web posted at: 5:36 PM EDT > > "RMS Protective Containers help to protect the investment in expensive > reloadable motor hardware with an economical, but attractive and > effective container. Each container is made of durable clear tubing with > vinyl end-caps, and long enough to house the motor enclosures".

So where's the inventiveness? This is what CTI has been putting their Pro38 motors in for some time now.

Mark Simpson NAR 71503 Level II God Bless our peacekeepers

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Mark Simpson
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What happened to the good ol' capitalist Mark we have all come to expect? Turning liberal on us markie?

Patrick - satisfied Merlin customer who did not have to go through the trouble of ordering all the bulldata from McMaster

PS. CTI does not list these as for sale on their website. I may have missed it, please let me know if I did.

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IceAge (Mark Simpson) wrote in news:

It's called "marketing", Mark...


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Leonard Fehskens

I've not touched my Pro38 case in a long time, but I don't recall the plastic shipping container being heavy enough for long term use.

The Merlin Missiles storage cases look like a waste of money to me, unless they are really thick or something. Personally, I let my cases rattle around. Who cares what the finish looks like as they are going into a rocket anyhow.

A piece of 4" PVC pipe with a cap on one end and a cleanout plug on the other end works great for 98mm motors. I did this for my 98mm Hypertech M as it is a lot more fragile than any normal reload hardware.

Brian Elfert

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Brian Elfert

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