Another primer question

I'm eagerly awaiting my first resin kit of an Adams class destroyer from
White Ensign Models. Most folks say I have to use primer before painting
resin. My question is this, "what kind/brand of primer do you recommend?
Jerry 47
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jerry 47
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I use Alclad primer and it works, also airbrush ready.
jerry 47 wrote:
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I've been using a light coat of Testor's Flat Camoflague Gray for a long time and its always worked well. I tried using Testor's Flat White Primer but I found that its too thin and I needed a couple of coats to cover plastics molded in darker colors. I really miss the old Pactra Spray Primers that I used to use.
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The Old Timer
A number of years ago several people in this group steered me to Krylon Sandable Primer, available at many hardware, building supplies, and craft stores. It is great, and I've been using it ever since.
jerry 47 wrote:
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Don Stauffer
Tamiya primer in a spray can, white or gray. Amazing stuff. Curt
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C Knowles

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