Any Train Modelers Here ? Glencoe Train question

anyone have info on this kit? Worth $7.00 I've not had luck finding
out how big the original trains were so 1/120 is a mystery to me.
Ideas as to how big these kits are?
thx - Craig
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I can't find much info on the actual dimensions of the full size, but the Porter 0-4-0 typically had a track gauge of 1m (overseas) to 42" (domestic). that puts the trackage illustrated 42/120, or .35" actual.
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Essentially they would be TT Gauge (From "Table Top") which was only popular in England and eastern Europe. It's also called 3mm scale.
I have some from an older repop and the engines (from what I recall) did not come with tenders; you can use them for narrow gauge background items with HO if you wanted to.
The wagons are close to HO (1/90 versus 1/87) so are immediately useable.
Cookie Sewell
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One Nitpick - the Pioneer was a small Central Pacific locomotive that had the tender attached directly to the back of the locomotive. Filling it up with pieces of matchsticks gave the appearance of a load of firewood. That said, these kits were repops of very old ITC kits. I've made a couple of them in vignettes and found that the fit on HO guage track quite nicely. However $7.00 is a bit much for these, I've seen them generally running for a couple of bucks.
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The Old Man
Do you have a hobby shop near you? These are bigger than N gauge but smaller than HO. I'd say the engine would be about four inches long. BTW, at that price I think I'll try one too.
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Don Stauffer
Craig, 1:120 is TT gauge/scale. It is between H0 (1:87) and N (1:160) scale.
You can also post your question on rec.models.railroad . Currently bunch of bored guys are discussing off-topic things there. They would welcome a real model railroad question!
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