Aurora C-141 Old kits

Just got my Aurora C-141 that I won on Ebay. You know that anticipation you
get when you are opening the box for a long waited kit. But the first thing
I notice before I get the wraping paper off is the smell. There is a certain
smell that old Aurora kits have. It's much different than an old Revell or
Monogram kit. I don't know if it's the plastic or the box. Go grab your old
Aurora kit and you'll know what I mean. Sure brings back memories of going
to the hobbie shop back in the sixties and seeing row after row of Aurora
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Steve Jahn
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Steve, you are a true connoiseur! Maybe it was the air over Long Island.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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nice grab Steve, hope all is well bud are you going to the Pelican contest in St Pete next month Steve? let me know, I am gona try like mad to finish up what I have and take it there
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Yep, kind of a sweet smell. Especially if you leave the box in the car in the Summer, you get a good dose of it when it's hot!
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frank may
Heck yes I'm going. Unless one of these hurricanes gets us. Steve
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Steve Jahn

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