Bad Cat Toys WWI EZ Build kits?

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Hi Jim, not sure about "Bad Cat" but I got my son a couple of the E-Z build WW1 models, they are closer to 1/32 scale than 1/48. These are the pre painted ones that include Richthofen's Fokker DR.1, RNAS Sopwith Camel, Berthold's Fokker D.VII and French SPAD S.XIII. We built the DR.1 and Sopwith camel. They went together pretty good, except inserting the small steel pins that held the fuselage together was too much for a 5 year old to handle, I had to use needle nose pliers th get them to fit together. There are small screws that attach the struts to the wings and fuselage, so they are not true to scale, but built so a kid can play with them without them falling apart too easily. Also the Cabine struts for the Camel have a large and small pin, but the holes in the fuselage are reversed. If you assemble them as provided the cabine struts will sweep back, and they will not line up with the interplane struts. An easy fix is to drill the small hole the same size as the big one, this will allow the struts to be positioned correctly. The finished aircraft look pretty accurate for about 15 parts and all are prepainted. The Camel is painted overall dark green, although the lower wings and fuselage should be clear doped linen. But for $7.00 for a ready to build kit, my kid loved them and pretends that he is playing flyboys! Too bad that they did not do a Nieuport 17! Dave
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