Dragon Me1101

After sorting through various piles of kit boxes in the hope of finding something to reignight a burst of modeling, I found My Dragon Me1101 Nichtjager. When I opend the box I realised why I had "paused" duering the building process. I had been following the kit instructions up to the point where the fusalage halfs were to be glued together. At this stage I decided to atatch the engine covers. At this stage I found that the exhaust of the engine and the covers did not match. I am hopeing that I may get sudgestions from various members of this group towards a resolution where the exhaust and covers match up, maybe like the box cover?

Thanks in advance

Alastair Macfarlane

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Sorry Alastair but on the one I made years ago I left the engine covers open to allow the engine detail to be viewed, though it does provide an option.

I found it a nice little kit and the canopy was very nice & clear to show the cokpit detail and was one of the 1st kits I used with photo-etch as it comes supplied with belts. Also one of the first kits I airbrushed and it came out quite well, though it has sonce been damaged in various moves and needs repairs, which I'll get to one day.

Cheers, Stephen.

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