Ebay warning: teamjoedawn excessive 'handling' charges

I was forwarded to this link by Ebay who is presently investigating the soliciting of spam to our account and posting false information about us. To answer the concern posted by MLDHOC and others, allow me to say...we offered a shipping calculator for his use. He was to calculate his shipping charges and add it paypal. I supply a shipping link and even cross reference it with UPS and USPS so everyone understands what they are paying for. I then send a follow up email PRIOR to shipping so everyone understands and agrees and has an opportunity to make changes. He added poorly and then attacked us. We did not send the product in a brown paper wrap but in a box that was double wrapped and sent insured - even though he didn't pay for it. Our only offense was being late and we followed up repeatedly to let him know why.
MLDHOC also posted that he gave us a neutral rating because the package arrived in good condition but now he says otherwise. If it arrived so poorly, why not negative feedback? That is what it is there for and if you would care to read his post on my account, you will see he offered a neutral. Pretty generous for an alleged rip off, right?
This poster is frightenly harrassing and has been reported to Ebay and AOL for repeat disturbing emails to our account. He has been put on a block and possible suspension. I would steer clear of anyone who retaliates by solicting spam and not a refund or an explanation. THAT should fire up the warning flags.
Thanks for letting me post. Teamjoedawn
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This was never about my bad for paying too much shipping, I own that one.
This has always been a warning to the community at large that, in my personal experience, you are not a respectable, reputable buisness person and that you overcharge for shipping.
You are just digging deeper. I talking about your own words were posted here mocking a former customer.
remember, Satisfied customers tell their friends. Dissatisfied customers tell everyone.
One layer of torn brown paper, two layers of recycled shirtbox paper, poorly taped on address labels, and a damaged kit box from which kit parts fell out into my hands as I opened it.(old Italeri/Testors yellow box) does not equate to a $7.68 expense on your part.
Would you care to explain that to the listening audience? I have since discarded the wrapping, would you care to offer ANY proof you insured the package?
As for changing my story, Deja the orig. thread and check.. same message from me.
Me, 98 positive feedback as a buyer, 100% positive feedback. Including yours "Praise : Super fast payment. A pleasure doing business with...Thanks!"
You, 6 feedback as a seller 2/3 negative or neutral (and I gave you the neutral) including, shall we..
Neutral : pd 13.23 s/h on 10-19, rec. 11-14 std mail $5.55 I paid7.68 for brn paper wrap?! (from me) Where in there did I change my story? methinks you dost protest too much.
And the biggies...
Complaint : stay away for him ! he his tripling the mail cost:24$ for small hasegawa 1/72 !
and two from the same person Complaint : WARNING! These people try to rip you off on postage
One of us has a positive history and one of us does not. Anyone, Anyone??
No other communications were recieved other than your 'nyah.nyah you cant add' messages. posted here for general consumption, nice lie.
Again, offer proof or be quiet
No, you got neutral feedback since I GOT the package, NOT because it was in good shape. again, from ebay "Neutral : pd 13.23 s/h on 10-19, rec. 11-14 std mail $5.55 I paid7.68 for brn paper wrap?!"
you sent what I paid (overpaid) for.
Nope. I have my kit. You barely held up your end of the deal. To my way of thinking, you are still padding your profits and ripping ebay off of their share by upping the 'handling' charges and not letting them get their cut. Maybe I'll drop a dime on you.. nah, you'll change your name and be at it tomorrow.
were you referring to the 'you might not have known this was against the rules' email I got from ebay? Do check on Item number: 3159683369
Nice.. shoot yourself on the OTHER foot now.. Now YOU'RE making my points for me.
Again, me with 98 postitive feedbacks (100% as a buyer over 5yrs) you 6 feedback as a seller only 2 positive...Since you're so good at it, YOU do the math..
Go ahead ask, here and elsewhere. I've got a long history of being a good trader/buyer. Where are your references?
Go home, Troll. Mike
Mike please remove "diespam" to reply
If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, perhaps you've misunderstood the situation.
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I've read this thread and your response, and it seems that the problem is with an excessive charge for substandard packing. I too have been charged for high priced S&H on ebay auctions only to have the package arrive at my doorstep wrapped in paper rather than boxed. Without contacting the seller first, I have left negative feedback. In this day and age, packages are sent in boxes. The last time wrapping parcels in paper was in vogue was about the same time the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup.
Lets get real folks.
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Dana J Nield
As a seller myself, I state quite clearly that shipping will be ACTUAL usps priority ship with confirmation, and a 2.00 handling fee. I also state that I will send shipping cost before someone bids if they provide their zipcode. 2.00 bucks is for my time and travel to the post office. If this is not to your liking, don't bid. Padding of profit, is a silly statement. You always have the option NOT TO BID.
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In real business, these expenses are factored into the base price. They are just like things such as employee salary or rent, given facts of doing business.
Which rational people exercise vigorously.
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This doesn't add up. The reason that the merchant could give this discount, is simply because the credit card company would otherwise take a slice of aforementioned profit margin. If the merchant gives a cash discount smaller than the amount the credit card company would otherwise charge him, the only one to lose would be the credit card company, whereas both the merchant and the customer would get a better deal.
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Rob van Riel
No merchant is required to accept credit cards. Those that do anticipate that the added convenience to customers (who can then part with cash they don't even have yet) will cause them to spend much more and increase the merchant's total profit. The credit card company for its part makes a lot of money on interest charges, but those aren't guaranteed, whereas the per-transaction fees are assured. In the context of eBay, sellers who don't want to part with the fees associated with PayPal in return for prompt payment (and possibly increased customer activity) ought to just dump the expense of doing business on the buyer by requiring postal money orders or other secure paper.
Mark Schynert
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Mark Schynert
T'was always your option not to bid. You chose to harrass and become frighteningly obsessive after poorly applying wrong shipping. We paid your insurance and sent your package that you described in your OWN WORDS..."arrived in good condition". Now you say it was falling apart? Sorry Mike...had I received an item that was falling apart "in my hands" - that seller would not be given a neutral rating. This is how it works Mike...shall we re-enter Ebay training?
You whine and complain because you can't add appropriate shipping. We apply a $2.00 handling fee to everything. Perhaps someone can help you understand how to operate the USPS.com link I give everyone an option at searching. If you felt the shipping was too high, you had the option to NOT bid. Had you felt it was a bad deal, you had the option to contact us and ask us for a refund, had you felt you were totally screwed, you had the option to post a NEGATIVE rating...all three of which you had failed to do.
Your credibility tanked the minute I received several emails from those disgusted with your post solciting spam. THAT was your infraction and frankly the reason no one took you seriously here.
Rule of thumb Mike...if the shipping is too high? Don't bid.
Work with that one for now and come back for lesson two next week entitled "Negative Feedback and how to leave it if you are unsatisfied".
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Take a hike asshole.......................
"Only a Gentleman can insult me, and a true Gentleman never will..."
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